Guide for painting your house

While having customized beautiful walls is what many might dream of, more than often our budget might not agree with us. So what better way of decorating your lovely space than splashing color on it yourself! Nothing beats the joy, affordability or satisfaction of painting your own home. Given below is a perfect guide designed to help you in painting your house:

Plastic/canvas drop cloth
Paint colors

Paint brushes (large and small) A high stool/Ladder
Roller pole
A paint scraper

Painting grid/painting tray Primer for paint (optional) Painting Tape

This is the most tedious and meticulous task of painting your home. The foremost step here is to insure you scrape off all the excess hanging loose paint so that the fresh paint glides on a smooth polished surface. Make sure you scrape only the loose paint above the surface and not deeper. The holes in the walls need to be filled up with plaster or other suitable compounds.

Mild soothing neutral tones or vibrant bold colors, there are tons of options available in the market today. You must ensure the paint color you choose goes in accordance with the interiors and theme of your home. Playing with different hues and adding hints of color here and there can be a great way to jazz things up a little and break the monotony of a single color. There are many magazines you can refer to for ideas if you are confused.

You need to clean the surface area of the wall, door or window you are painting. There is a lot of dust and dirt residing on them which we might not be able to notice sometimes. You can do this with plain water and a sponge/cloth.


Lay out the canvas/plastic on the floor to avoid things from getting messier. Put the tape wherever you do not wish to get the paint. Wear appropriate clothing. You can use a paint primer to ensure the longevity of your paint. If this is not possible, you can skip this step.
Take out some of the paint on a tray and start painting your house. Try to keep a uniform direction with your roller for neatness. Fill in the gaps and edges with a brush of appropriate size. Take out the tape when the paint has not yet dried so that it comes off without chipping.

Wait for the paint to dry and voila! Hope this guide helped you in understanding the process of painting your home. Your feedback and queries are welcomed.